"Thoughtful, Expressive, and Timeless perfectly describe the music of Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner, Aaron J. Sala. Aaron’s approach to making music is both subtle and innovative, and his attention to musical detail is unparalled...Already well known for his work with both award-winning halau hula from across the globe as well as local recording artists, Aaron has recently added arrangements for Walt Disney Records, for superstar Bette Midler, and for Kristin Chenoweth of Broadway fame, to his credit. In this, his sophomore album, he solidifies his foundation in Classical and Hawaiian music, while preparing a path for re-invention. He has gathered some of Hawai‘i’s finest musicians – Shawn Pimental, Steve Jones, BryanTolentino, Jeff Peterson, Noel Okimoto, Jeff Auhoy and acclaimed pianist, Beebe Freitas – on this CD co-produced by Aaron and Hoku Award-winning engineer, Dave Tucciarone.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Sweet Moonlight
  2. Po La‘ila‘i 
  3. Hi‘ialoleimakua 
  4. Mele O Ke Ke‘ena Kalaunu 
  5. Kanaenae A Ke Aloha 
  6. Koa‘e 
  7. Sophisticated Hula 
  8. Ua Noho Au A Kupa 
  9. Non T‘amo Piu 
  10. Aia I Alaka‘i Ka ‘Ano‘i 
  11. Pulupe Ka ‘Ili 
  12. Napo‘ona Mahina

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