John Berger of The Honolulu Star-Bulletin says: "This isn't the first tribute album to honor...the popularity of an iconic artist, but it sets a new standard for any and all that come after.

Gabby "Pops" Pahinui was not a prolific composer, but he was the most influential Hawaiian slack-key guitarist of the 20th century. therefore, rather than have a bunch of hot young artists redo Pahinui's music in their style, producer 'Flip' McDiarmid has collected 10 recordings by artists who were influenced by Pahinui's music and have sought to perpetuate it George Kuo, Dwight Kanae, Albert Kaai and Anita Pahinui Nakamura, to name four.

There's also a recording of "Moana Chimes" by Raymond Kane...[and]...a beautiful 1961 vintage recording of Pahinui playing 'Nani Wale Lihu‘e,' 'Silver Threads Among The Gold' and 'Wai‘alae.' "

McDiarmid includes all the documentation to make this album a perfect introduction to pahinui's life. It includes an overview of Pahinui's life, short bios of the other artists and the slack-key tunings used on each song." (1/4/08)

Album Tracks:

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  1. Slack Key Medley:  Nani Wale Lihu'e/Silver Threads Among the Gold/Wai'alae
  2. Old Hi'ilawe
  3. L&L Medley:  Lihu'e/Lei Nani
  4. Moana Chimes
  5. Kahalewai's Tune
  6. Maunaloa Blues
  7. He'eia
  8. Panini Pua Kea
  9. Lei No Ka'iulani
  10. Kohala Morning
  11. Pu'uwa'awa'a
  12. Aloha Slack Key

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