Luau are Hawai'i's best parties celebrating anything and everything bringing friends and family together to enjoy ono kau kau (delicious food) and carefree Hawaiian music in a casual atmosphere

This CD contains the ideal luau music and guide to get your Hawaiian party started Included are easy to prepare food and drink recipes that will impress and delight your guests So break out those aloha shirts and hula skirts and get ready to sway those hula hips Invite your 'ohana (family) and aikane (friends) over to party Hawaiian style "Hang loose!" Let's Lu'au!!

Album Titles:

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  1. You're At the Luau Now
  2. I Alii No Oe
  3. One Paddle, Two Paddle
  4. Tewetewe
  5. Luau Drum Beats Tavanui E
  6. Just Hang Loose
  7. Maui Medley
  8. Thats the Hawaiian in Me
  9. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
  10. Hawaiian Paradise
  11. Luau Drum Beats Puara-Ta
  12. Let's Go Around the Island
  13. Waikiki
  14. Aloha Oe

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