The vocal ensemble Manoa Voices are the winners of the 2007 Ka Himeni Ana acoustic traditional Hawaiian vocal competition.  Its members are all University of Hawai‘i - Manoa student/musician/singers. Led by their teacher, Chadwick Pang, Mamina Koga, Rosanna Perch, Sophronia Smith and Justin Ka‘upu explore Hawaiian and Oceanic music. Former Royal Hawaiian Bandmaster, Aaron Mahi, says "The music of Manoa Voices reaches back to when the simplicity of the accompaniment was served in gentle portions, allowing the voices the liberty to delight and allure the listener on this aural voyage..."  If you're looking for a group that "captures the energy of Hawai‘i's youthful present by simultaneously bearing both mind and heart from its past – when Hawai‘i stood at the threshold of swing and rich harmonies – then look no further.  Eia ka mea waiwai no ‘ia (The value is here, right here)."

Album Tracks:

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  1. E Nani E
  2. Palisa
  3. Pua Mae'ole
  4. Beneath the Maori Moon
  5. E Koa'e E
  6. U'ilani
  7. Te Atairangikaahu
  8. Ka Ua Loku
  9. Manu 'O'o
  10. Manoa Te Manu
  11. Aloha No
  12. Ho'onani Ka Makua Mau (The Doxology)

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